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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Blessed Be, Ted Andrews!

I have only just learned of the death of Ted Andrews – that wonderful Pagan author – on October 24th, from cancer, at the age of 58.

He has been a great source of understanding and inspiration to many and his books will continue to enrich and enlighten us.

Here is my favourite Prayer for the Dead, for those who may may wish to honour him that way.

Light a new white candle, say this prayer and let the candle burn all the way down. (Of course never leave a lit candle unattended.) 

I light this candle for [name]. May [his/her] spirit pass through the portal betwixt this world and the next and find rest and peace. May [his/her] time spent in the land of light be profitable that [he/she] may learn the lessons necessary for the next stage of [his/her] journey towards God. May [name] be at peace and at rest. Peace be with you.

This was taught to me many years ago by my mentor, teacher and friend, a great magician called Ridge, when a dear love of mine from several lifetimes died in this lifetime.

In time, I spoke it for Ridge himself.

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