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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Be Careful with Your Words

I have blogged elsewhere about my anguish at having to put my husband into a nursing home five days ago. I write about the progress of his dementia as Shifting Fog, have recently posted on my personal reactions at SnakyPoet, and there are  number of poems on the matter at The Passionate Crone.

Here, I woud just like to point out how careful one must be with the wording on a Treasure Map.

This year's Treasure Map has categories, e.g.'Things to Be.' One of the arrows from that label goes to the word Patient. Of course I meant to refer to the quality of patience — but my dear husband has recently been in hospital and is now in a nursing home! Another category is 'Things to Have' and an arrow goes to a picture of Mount Warning with the words, 'proximity to views of'. I was thinking of our unit, to which that certainly applies. But the nursing home, to which it also applies, is called Mountain View!

PS 'Nothing is set in concrete.' I gladly brought him back home to live, a fortnight after he was admitted.


  1. Oh my goodness, that's frightening! I was pondering making a Treasure Map myself, but now I'm worried that putting something like "To be Healthy" may manifest in dozens of unwanted doctor visits this year!

    1. You could try a phrase such as, 'free from illness'. It's probably unwise to specify staying away from the doctor, in case you should miss out any necessary help. But remember that the most powerful ingredient of a treasure map is the pictures, and make sure to include a picture of yourself looking radiantly healthy.


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