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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Spring Equinox — Not Going as Planned

I was to attend an Equinox celebration today, hosted by the local Goddess Circle at the Castle, Uki. I dressed up in my purple Goddess gown and my wonderful Spring cloak that my friend Dinah made — and the car wouldn't start. 

'Flat battery,' I thought, though could not find anything I'd left switched on which might account for it. I knew that by the time I waited for the NRMA man to arrive and do his thing, and by the time I took the car for a long drive afterwards to recharge, I'd be far too late for the start of the celebrations. It would not be appropriate to burst in late. I changed out of my finery, not wishing to startle the NRMA man.

Not a flat battery as it turned out, but starter motor. It might be a one-off, he said, but told me anyway how to get it started if it happens again, in which case I should also take it to my mechanic. He still recommended I take it for a half hour drive 'to get everything charged up'. It was already too late to go to the Castle.

I had a lovely drive through trees out to pretty Crystal Creek, then back to town via the winding Numinbah Road, with fewer trees and more paddocks but still very scenic. 

I phoned my friend Mara when I got back home. 'Would you like to have lunch at Rainforest Cafe?' But she was expecting visitors. Clearly the Universe wants me to observe the Equinox in a quiet and solitary manner.

I am dozing now, over my screen, even though I meditated before starting to write. Maybe I just need a rest. Perhaps at this time I need it more than a whole day of dancing and chanting.

When I was waiting for the NRMA man, I had time to water my garden, which is best done early on these very warm days. I was going to have to leave it, to get to the Castle in time.  Tut, tut! Shame on me — dancing for the Goddess does not outweigh caring for one's plants. 

I have recently had two different conversations with other witches, in which they said they felt they were better witches, more in touch with the intuitive side of it, before they did a lot of reading and study. I think there's something in that. The academic side of things is interesting, but is not the core. Simple acts like watering the garden, sweeping a spider outside (gently) instead of killing it, lighting a candle for someone who is ill, going outside to gaze at the full moon -- these are the essence of witchcraft, aren't they? ... this simple yet powerful, earth-based practice.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Here Be Dragons: 2

I've known the Shaman since I first came to live in the Mount Warning Caldera. She was my first friend here. Like many of my friends, she’s a lot younger than me but we never think of that. She is mature in wisdom.

For a few years before I came here, various psychics told me, 'You shouldn't be in Melbourne, you should be up north. That's where your own kind are.' One even referred to 'a strange-shaped mountain' at 180 degrees turn from the ocean — a pretty good identification of Mt Warning.

The Shaman is surely one of those of my own kind whom I was meant to be among. Anyway, we 'recognised' each other at first sight although we'd never met in this lifetime. That was in 1994 and we've been confidential friends ever since, even though we don't get together very often.

Eventually I remembered a prediction from my magician friend Ridge years before, about meeting a woman who would be important in my life. He described her. The Shaman fitted the description. He said she would wear a Celtic cross around her neck. She did when I first met her. And yes, she has been an important and trusted friend for nearly 20 years.

We have always just known without question that we can tell each other anything and have it be understood, including things about our magical lives. There are few who can accept the sort of things which, to us, are natural and commonplace — and of those, fewer still who truly comprehend.

We have sometimes done energy work together, for healing and  magic, though mostly we work separately. She told me once that, trying to explain to someone the difference between her magickal persona and mine, she said, 

‘I carry a sword; Rosemary has a wand.’ 

Yes, I’d say she’s more the spiritual warrior. While I sometimes work with Archangel Michael, and even channel his energy for healing, the Shaman can actually embody that energy. 

Last time she visited me, we discussed this ability to embody angelic energy — how she is essentially of that energy herself. She used to be fairly anonymous about this, though a few people, such as me, always recognised it in her. Lately, newly single and coming into her power, she finds that it's becoming more visible to more people. An interesting development! 

I decided to come clean with her about me. There hadn't really been occasion to, before. 

'I haven't told anyone else this,' I said. 'I'm not an angel — I'm a dragon.' She surprised me by giving a delighted grin and saying, 'I know you are.' After I managed to close my dropping jaw, I said, 'Good. I'm glad you do. But how?'

She said, 'I knew of your interest in dragons. Then, I was leafing through your coffee table book on dragonology and I found myself thinking, "This is Rosemary's realm." '

How wonderful that someone perceived it! And even before being told.

I didn't always have this idea about myself. It's not the sort of thing that naturally occurs to one. Jigsaw pieces slotted into place gradually, over a number of years.

Here are the bits of my jigsaw:

1. Personal Interest

The Shaman was right. I do have an interest in dragons. In fact, it's been so as long as I can remember, and is not only an interest but an attraction. When, as a child, I first heard the tale of St George, I was on the dragon's side! It was instinctive. However, I didn't attach any great significance to this. Surely lots of kids, and older people too, like dragons? It was only much later that I found it meaningful, with hindsight and in combination with all the following:

2. The Family Who Played With Dragons

In the course of our research into psychic children, Andrew and I interviewed a family in which the mother and both the young children associated with dragons and even rode them — in the astral realm, of course. I realised I was familiar with the sensations they described, but felt, 'No, I haven't experienced this on a dragon, but as a dragon.' I am predominantly clairsentient, which means I feel my psychic information in my body. As they spoke, I could 'feel' having a big body with strong shoulders, and being able to manipulate it as I moved through the air. I was horizontal (except when I swooped, dived or soared) and I could see over vast terrain and pick out fine detail (as birds of prey are reputed to do). I felt both light and powerful. This was happening in part of my consciousness, while at the same time I attended to what the family was saying.

3. The Dog 

At the time I learned Reiki, I had a wonderful dog called Flint. He was an Irish Retriever, a dog so big that people said, 'That's not a dog, it's a horse!' He was a stray, and I'd had recurring visions of him before he turned up and found me. 

When I learned Reiki II, for healing 'in absence', it included a technique for communicating telepathically with the Higher Self of the client. We had to practise in class, and one client I 'called in' was my dog, Flint. Later I would tell people, 'He's mostly Higher Self, with just a thin, doggy veneer' — but at that stage I was startled when his telepathic voice (deep and rumbling like his doggy one) told me that we had been together many times, and specifically mentioned 'ranging the skies together'. I didn't know quite what he meant by that, but certainly got the impression of flying — flying over vast terrain, somewhat as I imagine eagles would do, and having that kind of view of the landscape beneath.

4. The 'Psychic Pets'

See previous post.

5. The Clairvoyant

'She's an amazing clairvoyant,' said a friend. 'She can tell you all about where your soul originally came from.' This was a friend who was very tuned-in herself, and not gullible or easily impressed. Nor was I — but, as I was already a professional psychic myself, I understood what was possible.

The clairvoyant's name was Jackie. When she read for me, I was impressed too. She used no props — no Tarot cards, no palmistry, no nothing. She didn't touch me, or even look at me much of the time. Her eyes were open but she tended to look down. She just talked, appearing to listen for a minute and then recite what she'd heard, then listen for the next bit. She told me things I didn't already know, but which fitted with and made sense of things I did already know (and which she, a stranger to me, did not — at least, not in ordinary ways). As she spoke, I felt a calm assurance that she spoke true.

She told me that my story was a bit complicated because I kind of had two beginnings, one where I really originated and one many millennia later, on the planet Lyra, where I was in a sense recreated. My original beginning, she said, was in a dimension and on a planet very near where some angelic beings lived. I was not one of these angels, but I had a lot of interaction with them. (That made sense. I have a lot of interaction with angels in this lifetime, too.) 

This was all many years before I had the idea I had been a dragon. The cairvoyant didn't say, nor appear to think that I came from a race of dragons, but thinking back over the reading recently, I seemed to recall that she described my original race as being winged, although not angels.

6. My Cat, Levi.

I've told previously the story of Levi being a reincarnation of my dog, Flint — yes, the one who spoke to me telepathically about us having ranged the skies together long ago. As Levi, he likes to snuggle up next to me in the evenings when I'm watching telly. He shows no interest in what's onscreen — except for one time when there was a fantasy program about dragons, with very convincing special effects. He became intently interested, made excited noises, and didn't take his eyes off the screen until the dragons had gone. 

The penny dropped. So THAT'S what Flint was talking about (back when he was Flint). We must have been dragons together, on that planet they come from, many eons in the past and many dimensions far away.

7. (I've already told you this one.) The penny dropped for the Shaman, too.


I had just put all these pieces together to arrive at the conviction that I had originated as a dragon, when that conviction was severely shaken. My friend Letitia, the Earth Angel, was most insistent that — as she told me when we first met — my soul origin is human. I was reluctant to abandon my lovely theory, particularly when I had amassed so much apparent evidence for it, but I have learned to trust her connection to Source. I was thrown into confusion.

Then she went on to tell me that I have had two 'reptilian' lifetimes.  'That's your dragon thing,' she said. Well, that made sense to me. The 'evidence' could apply equally well in those circumstances. And dragons are rather like great winged lizards, aren't they? Or even winged crocodiles! Of course she meant extra-terrestrial reptilian beings rather than members of our animal kingdom — but she tells me that those beings evolved from here. Either way, then, it would seem that I must be a child of Mother Earth.