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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Incorporating the Magical Mermoirs

People who follow this blog by email will have noticed a whole lot of "new" posts turning up, with last year's dates on them. Indeed, I see a few of you have already come to check out what's going on. (Smile.)

I decided to move my "Living a Magical Life" blog over here.

(a) I hadn't written any of it for some months. I also don't post all that often here, so combining the two might create a bit more action. Or the illusion of.

(b) It was all over the place, I thought — particular memories written as they occurred to me. Trying to get a linear, chronological account happening felt constricting.

(c) It seems to belong with my other "witchy" and "spooky" stuff.

(d) It just felt too "out there". I felt too exposed, sharing that stuff so boldly. Doing so here feels safer, somehow. No, it's not rational, lol.

I don't know what it is — I'll happily tell the world all about my politics, religious views, sex life ... but when it comes to disclosing my spiritual experiences, that feels very intimate, very confronting.

If I put them here, I tell myself,  they'll be read by people who already accept other-dimensional realties, or at least have very open minds. Of course, people could stumble over this bog by mistake, or from curiosity — but if it didn't interest them, they wouldn't stay or return.

Anyway, I hope that, by including my magical memoirs here, I'll feel freer to continue writing them. I had become self-conscious, inhibited, paralysed. I suppose it's the old bugbear of "no-one will believe me". When I was a child no-one did.

Not only that, I was ridiculed. My parents were kind about it, though keen to have me distinguish between the 'imaginary' and the 'real'. The kids at school, and even in my own family, were scornful. 'You're mad!' or, 'You're making it up. You're a liar!'

By now I have encountered many others whose spiritual experiences are similar to my own, others who live magical lives and accept it as natural. They're not mad and they aren't lying. Even so, we're not exactly mainstream.

I do intend to turn the magical memoirs into a book some day, if I live long enough. Meanwhile, here they be.

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