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Tuesday, January 1, 2019

My New Carry-Case for My Healing Wand

Or, What I Did In My Holidays

I was in the Salvos (Salvation Army second-hand store) looking through handbags and make-up cases, when my friend Sammie came by. I told her I was looking for something that would serve as a case for one of my wands. Sammie makes wands.

'Why don't you make a case?' she suggested. 'It would connect your energy to your wand.'

I saw the point at once, but thought, 'I don't know how to sew leather!'  But later it occurred to me that I do know how to crochet. If I used double crochet (which the Americans call single crochet) that would give a nice, tight weave. So I got me some crochet cotton and away I went. (For the last two evenings, while watching TV.)

It has a fold-over flap with a button to close it, and a strap to carry it over my shoulder. I wanted a purple-magenta colour because it's both sacred and one of my favourites. I added the stripes because there is green in the wand, e.g. the crystal around the base, and the painted tip. I wanted both shades of green, and the black and white are to soften them and create a balance.

It is wide because this wand – my healing wand – is slightly curved. A skinny, straight-up-and-down tube would not do.

Inside the case, the wand is wrapped in a silk scarf with a Paisley design, and then in one of gorgeous, deep red Indian cotton.

The wand was made by my dear friend Letitia Lee. She didn't make it specifically for me, but when I went to collect the beautiful one she did make me, this one called out to me too, so I bought it. It has great energy and a cheery personality, and is a very practical little wand with a big capacity. It's good for healing, wellbeing, safety and protection.

My other wands have their own cases. I thought this deserved one too.

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