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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Full Moon Ceremony

(It was in fact the night just before full moon, but the energy carries over to a day each side of the actual date.)

The Spouse and I went outside onto our front lawn and greeted the moon. I drew her down. Then I stood with my hands on his shoulders and gave him Reiki and moon light. Afterwards he did the same for me. My cat Freya likes to join in with energy work; she came outside too and found a spot to sit alertly.

Some hours later Spouse went to bed and I to my (indoor) temple. I cast circle with full ritual. My goodness I was rusty! I have fallen into the habit of using a shorter version all the time. So I got out my Book of Shadows and had it handy for reference as I cast circle. It was good to do it that way again.

I did the healing which the “angel” in the market had outlined for me, for my Youngest. I did it with intense, loving energy, very thoroughly and with strong intention. Then I did a tie-cutting process, not the Phyllis Krystal one in which I am also trained, but a much quicker one I know.

The words “permanently and forever” welled up in me. I did a shocked double-take.  Did I really mean that? Something so final? It was hugely confronting, yet it took only a minute or two to decide that yes, I did. And so I completed the process with those words included.

Afterwards I felt more peaceful than I had in a long while – for about 12 hours. Well, I am calm most of the time, and occasionally some tears leak through. Natural enough, I’m sure, but there’s no change of purpose. This is the third lifetime I know about. Enough already. I’m done.

When I told PsychLady I’d severed myself from him permanently and forever, she asked, “Not just from the negative energy?” I said no, I wanted it to be complete; these were the words that had come to me strongly at the time. She thought about it a moment and said, “The Universe provides.” I couldn’t have put it better.

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