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Monday, January 25, 2010

"Pagan Magic" Poses Questions

At Pagan Magic on MySpace the profile owner, an enterprising young Englishwoman called Dawn, has instituted a series of discussions. She poses a question and various of her readers give their answers, which has resulted in some enthusiastic — and friendly — debates. She thought it would be interesting to canvass opinions from a diverse range of Pagan traditions, and so it has been. The responses have been personal opinions rather than officially representing any particular tradition — for the most part — but no doubt coloured by each person's background and learning. There's a lot of basic agreement, with some differences as to details.

It's been so useful to me to articulate my own thoughts on these topics that I've decided to post them here as well.

To read the whole discussions, you'll need to click on the above link, go to the latest blogs and check the comments for each.

Or watch for the questions and my answers, here.

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