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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Are Craft Names Necessary?

Pagan Magic said:
This weeks question - are craft names necessary?

Do they serve a valuable function —  are they merely used to give an element of mystery to the user — are they pretentious or a harmless piece of fun?

I said:

Like many others, I don't regard them as essential, but I think they have their value. In the Star Circle coven of which I was a part, our magickal names were used to keep our mundane identities secret. Some members had very public jobs, or their spouses did; others had children in school. I was ‘out’ but for others that was an as yet unobtainable luxury, and we all felt bound to protect each other's secret if necessary.

Long before the coven existed, when I was a solitary, I woke one morning ‘just knowing’ my magickal name was DragonStar. That made sense; I have had a lot to do with dragons. Later I discovered there are so many DragonStars, it's practically the Smith of the magickal world, lol. So I added Rose, as it's part of my mundane name. Later, when self-initiating, I was given another name with the understanding that it was to be secret, known only to me and the Deity. In private ritual, that's the one I use. DragonStar Rose is my public magickal name.

Newcomers to the Star Circle coven went on a 'journey' to meet the Goddess and discover their magickal names. Several were given two, one secret and one semi-public. Those of us who already had magickal names had them confirmed. The Goddess corrected my pronunciation of my secret name! I had been saying it in my mind with a broad Australian accent. Her pronunciation made it beautiful, and I could also see that was the correct way to say it.

Although they may not be strictly necessary, I like having mine.

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