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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Universe is Always Listening

But you do have to give it a clear message.

While our car was gradually dying, my Beloved stuck a big picture on our fridge of a red car in a particular make and model, on which he had written, 'THIS IS OURS!' as a signal to the Universe that it was what we wanted to manifest. He was mad keen on that car. I wasn't so convinced. Months passed. He didn't give up hope, but we couldn't see any way to buy that car — or any car.

Meanwhile I was frequently expressing appreciation for the car we had, which had given us many years of excellent service, and which we had kept on the road as long as we could. It had got to the point where it just wasn't worth spending any more money on it. In fact it was getting a bit scary to drive. I wanted to make sure it lasted until we could afford to replace it, and that we would find something suitable to replace it with. Expressing gratitude for what you've got is another way to let the Universe know what you like and want. And it wasn't hard — it had been a good car and I was truly grateful.

Where we now live is wonderful for us. I'm clear the Universe found us this place in excellent timing. But public transport is not great. What would we do if the old car conked out and we had no replacement? 'If you really  want us here,' I said, 'Please solve our transport problem.'

One day we were in a car park and he said, 'That's one of [particular make and model] there.' I went and had a good look at it, and immediately said, 'Oh no, that boot's nowhere near big enough. You'd have to put the back seats down to use it.' I thought that I wouldn't mind a red car, just not that kind.

A couple of days later he saw a notice about a car for sale, same make as ours but a later model, in very good condition, within our price range — and red. We phoned, we inspected, we drove it, we bought it. And we're very happy with it! (The old one went to the wrecker.)

Afterwards he pointed to the picture on the fridge and gleefully declared that it had helped get us a red car. I don't disagree.

How could the Powers That Be act in our behalf when we weren't united about what we wanted? But as soon as I vetoed the [particular make and model] and he accepted that that wouldn't suit us, then They could go, 'Right, they want a car that works, they like the make they've had and they like red — hey presto!'

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