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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Do Love Spells Actually Work?

Pagan Magic said:

In the media, Love Spells are probably the most common form of magic which is depicted - from childhood story books to Xander's unfortunate incident in BTVS which left him fearing for his life.  But, do Love Spells actually work?

Has anyone ever met a person under the influence of a love spell - or themselves been affected.  How were these spells broken, and if they weren't what happened to the persons involved.

Can Free Will be so readily controlled by another? Is casting Love Spells simply wishful thinking - or is it a dangerous form of magic?  Are there situations where a love spell should be used?

 I said:

I wouldn't do it because, if it involves a particular person that's manipulation, and if it is general it would need to be VERY carefully worded. I think a self-love spell or ritual is the way to go. Even more, practise loving. Become a being of love, and you will naturally attract it.


Why would one want a forced or coerced love anyway? What if the spell wore off and the person didn't like you any more? Even if not, surely you must always feel cheated and insecure? Better to be loved truly, and for yourself!

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