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Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Power of Thought

It was a gathering of 'wise women' run by my friend Dinah. She spoke of the power of thought, and how important it is to take care of what we think. Then she demonstrated by kinesiology, i.e. muscle testing.

A volunteer, Charm, left the room. Dinah whispered to the rest of us that during the testing we were to think of Charm's arm as a piece of limp seaweed. Sure enough, when she came back and Dinah conducted the test, the poor woman couldn't hold her arm firm no matter what. Then Dinah took her out of the room again, and we heard her saying,

'You were under psychic attack just then.'

We didn't hear what else she said, but when she returned she whispered to us to think of the arm this time as a gold bar. During the second test Charm's arm stayed absolutely firm. Then Dinah told us that during the first test Charm had no instruction about her thinking, but the second time she too was told to think of her arm as a gold bar. So that time we not only had a powerful thought in itself, also we were all aligned on it.

'Imagine what it's like for people in the public eye,' said Dinah. She mentioned a well-known Australian who became a fugitive from justice after his actions caused hardship to many people, and who appeared to have got away to a life of luxury.

'He had so many people wishing him ill,' she said, 'And he got cancer and died.'

I thought of others to whom this applied: corrupt politicians, other fugitive criminals, those awaiting trial…. It happens frequently, when there is a lot of publicity surrounding such cases, that the people become seriously ill and die before the law catches up with them, or soon afterwards. Often it is cancer that kills them.

Next, Dinah asked a volunteer to stand in the centre of the circle, focus her thoughts above her head, and think:

'I'm really stupid'.

Then Dinah pushed her very gently on the shoulder with one fingertip, and the woman fell backwards. Luckily Dinah had positioned someone behind her to catch her!

Then she asked the same woman to focus her thoughts into her dan tien or hara (an inch and a half below the navel) and if necessary sink roots deep into Mother Gaia as well, and to think a strong, empowering thought. After that, she pushed the woman's shoulder again, much harder than before, but this time the woman stood firm without the slightest effort. Then we all tried that one on each other, with the same results every time. Sometimes, with the strong thoughts, the person's shoulder gave way just a little before firming up. People shared their strong thoughts afterwards. They included,

'I am very strong,' 'I'm smart,' 'I'm a powerful witch' and so on.

One woman stood particularly firm and strong, not the slightest wobble. What was her thought, we asked.

'I am the Goddess!'

We cheered.

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