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Monday, January 31, 2011

Car Spells

Several witchy friends have had car trouble lately. Maybe it's because we all drive old cars, lol.  One of the group put out a request for car spells, and another promptly replied saying that she always carries a piece of turquoise in her car as it is a stone for travel protection. She's sure it has helped stave off imminent breakdown!

I had never thought of doing spells for that purpose. I suppose that's because I, and others who can, tend to use Reiki. But not everyone is qualified to do that. Why not spells?

I do use both magick and Reiki for safety when driving — thinking more of accidents than mechanical disfunction.

I like quick and easy magick that doesn't need physical ingredients; in other words, I use my mind — my intention and visualisation. I wash both my vehicle and myself through with light: the white light that is the energy of the Universe, the rainbow colours of the Universe, and gold for Universal protection. Then I put around both car and me an egg-shaped cocoon of blue-white light as a shield.

(It's not enough just to 'white-light' your car. I remember a girl who did that once when she was illegally parked, hoping to protect it from the eyes of parking inspectors. She got a heavy fine! If you don't specify what the light is for, it can act as a beacon, making your car more noticeable to either cops or robbers. You need to be precise in your intention.

In any case, I think it's a very grey area to be using magick to help you get away with breaking the law, when your reason for breaking it is mere selfishness or laziness. Perhaps it's not surprising that didn't work for her.)

Does anyone out there have any good car spells they're willing to share?