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Monday, April 18, 2011

Spirit Timing

My husband came across some automatic writing I did in 1995 (a form of channelling I explored for a while). We were asking our guides questions, and the answers came in the writing.

One practical question my husband asked was: 'Should I start a vegetable garden and where should I put it?' He received a practical answer:

'You need it near the house, not too far away. Yes you should start it. A good aspect will be below the clothesline, where there is sun, and moisture in the earth. It will be bigger than you think. You should make it a long plot, not a square one. You will have help.'

We did have help. A neighbour who knew a lot about gardening came and chose the place for us — on the opposite side of the house from the clothesline — and dug the earth. We grew cos lettuces that looked like small trees with long, straight stems, and pumpkins that proliferated so fast that we thought they were about to take over the earth!

We've had a number of moves since then, and gave up trying to grow veggies.  Finally we have arrived in our permanent home. Due to the recent floods, produce has risen high in price — a good time and place to think of growing our own again.

I found a convenient garden bed in a good location for sunlight and water. We're a bit old for digging now, so I asked our wonderful, all-purpose handyman. He dug it over, put down mulch, made sure some vents low in the wall woud not get blocked by dirt, and advised that starter kits would be easier than seedlings.

Then this piece of automatic writing turned up. It's eleven years old — and it describes exactly what has happened here and now. Our new vegetable garden is below the clothesline, near the house, where there is sun, and moisture in the earth. It's a long plot, not a square one. We had help. At this moment it's not bigger than we thought; we'll have to wait and see about that bit. There is room for it to extend; that's all I can say. But everything else fits.

It seems that our guides might have been referring to our present situation!

Eleven years ... an infinitesimal period for Spirit.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Can You Heal Without Reiki?

Actually we all have healing hands. Some people have them noticeably and naturally; others can feel this immediately when those hands touch them. But if you weren't born with this obvious gift, and you never did a Reiki course either, you can still do hands-on healing. We all have healing energy within us, and the hands are the natural tool with which to use it. You just have to dig a bit deeper to find it.

The thing to do is to rub your hands together to bring the healing energy up into them. When they're warm or tingling, place them on whoever needs the healing, yourself or another person. Trust that it will work, and let your intuition tell you where to put them and how long to leave them there.

Be careful not to deplete your energy. This will happen if you do too many healings in a short space of time. You might have to experiment to find out how many you can comfortably handle in a day. If you're not setting up as a practitioner, you probably won't get that many anyway.

Depletion is not a problem with Reiki, because we're not using our own electro-magnetic energy fields; we tap into the Universal energy, which never runs out. The smart answer to the question is, if you've never learned Reiki, learn it! But you might have your own rasons for not wanting to, or for not wanting to yet. Don't let that stop you in a case of emergency, if you can't get medical help or while waiting for it to arrive. There IS something you can do to  help.

Also, of course, there are many other good modalities around, and one of them might suit you better. Again, many of them don't tap into the Universal energy, so you would have to use commonsense in looking after yourself as well as your clients. But you could always add Reiki later, which would enhance whatever else you might do. And if not — they are still good modalities.