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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Healing Course: a Personal Perspective

My certificate says, Soul, Mind and Consciousness Technologies for the New Age.

This course derives from Russia. It consists of amazing methods and is full of useful information. Our teacher, having learnt some parts of it from here (Australia), went to Russia with a group of her friends/colleagues, to train more fully with its originators. 

I didn’t know these specific techniques before. I did, however, know others somewhat like them. They are basically visualisation and intention exercises, in very specific and thorough detail. What is startling is that in Russia these techniques are developed by scientists! In the West we are more used to scientists pooh-poohing such notions. 

It was three long days. 

The Beloved Spouse was the one who was mad keen to do this course; he’d heard about its many wonderful, documented results and Carol, our teacher, had shown him some of the methods already. It was she who urged me to do it with him. We’ve done a lot of work with her over the years, and she said it wouldn’t feel right if I wasn’t there. Fine with me; I was interested to learn, and had time to get the money together.

Spouse didn’t last past the first day! He is 82, has severe arthritis in his legs, habitually uses a wheely walker, and takes a couple of longish naps every day. Being ready at 8am to be picked up to drive to Coolangatta, participating all day in energy work that finished at 5.30, then the long trip home ... I was surprised he managed it at all. He had help from some lovely ladies from Adelaide, spiritual/energetic healers, who asked during the lunch break if they could give him some hands-on. That must be what kept him going through the afternoon — that and the techniques we were practising. He was very tired, mentally and physically, by the time we got home.

Next morning it was clear he wouldn’t be coming.

‘I’ll do it for both of us,’ I said, leaving him happily in bed reading the morning paper.

I phoned him at lunch time. He took a while to answer, but I’m used to him moving slowly. He said he’d been having a shower. He sounded well, and delighted to hear from me. 


When I came home that night, I saw one of our dining chairs lying on its side, and just beyond that a wet towel on my desk chair near the phone. I could picture him grabbing the back of the dining chair in haste to get to the phone, and it giving way under him.

‘Did you fall over today?’ I asked. He said he had, when he was running to answer the phone. He hadn’t been going to tell me, and asked how I knew. 

I was upset with him. ‘Don’t run!’ I told him. He has become somewhat prone to falls. He assured me he wasn’t hurt. I know his bone density is excellent, and obviously nothing was broken, but I examined him for new bruises. None. OK.

Next day, the final one of the course, I decided not to phone! When I came home he was showered and dressed, waiting at the open door for me all smiles. 

The TV was on, and it looked as if crowds of people were having a street party. 

‘What’s all this?’ I asked. He told me about the capture and death of Osama Bin Laden. At lunch time he had come out to watch the news, and because it was that particular news he hadn’t stopped watching all day. He confessed he’d had no lunch. Well, I had a good dinner planned.


After dinner, he noticed a lump on the back of his head, undoubtedly the result of his fall the previous day. I felt it too. Pretty big! I got upset again. But it was after dark: too late to see the doctor. He was due to get a blood test next day and see the doctor a couple of days later. 

Should I take him to hospital? We don’t have a car just now; it would mean taxi or ambulance. He said his head didn’t hurt, and seemed otherwise fine. I gave him some Reiki and also used one of the techniques I’d just learned.

Today the lump is much smaller. He hasn’t had a temperature. He is quite vague, but that’s nothing new.


On the second afternoon of the course, not knowing about his fall, I focused on his arthritis when we learned a technique for getting rid of pain. We were working on ourselves but, because he and I have such a strong energetic link, I was able to include him. As we were going to bed that night, I asked about his legs. 

‘There’s no pain,’ he said. This was the first time for months that he had been without pain in his legs!  (If only I had known about his fall, and the lump on his head, as soon as it happened! Well, what’s done is done and at least I’ve been working on it since.)


One thing the course taught was a technique which can even bring back those who have died. (It needs to be fairly soon after death, while the soul is still with the body.) The ladies from Adelaide said they too had an absent healing technique which could do that, and with Carol’s permission — she was only too thrilled — taught it to the rest of us. They told us details of two cases where they’d used it successfully, and because the cases were well documented, they knew from the time of the revivals that it was their work that made the difference. 

There is also plenty of documentation by the Russian scientists for their methods. 


There was a technique which was presented as particularly suitable for cancers. One woman who accompanied Carol to Russia told us that, just before she went, she developed symptoms that suggested bowel cancer. Her doctor wanted to get her into hospital for an exploratory. But she was off to Russsia almost immediately, so she figured she’d have to do something herself. When she learned this particular technique, she applied it assiduously, and within the week her symptoms ceased and have not returned. I can only say she looked radiantly healthy, and a lot younger than she did last time I saw her, a couple of years ago!

Why was I there? / What did I get out of it?

I made a strong connection with one of the Adelaide ladies, Mary. She is very psychic, and was spontaneously given an important message for me. 

It seemed ironic that Spouse was the one who’d wanted to do the course, while I was lukewarm, yet I ended up being the one to complete it while he dropped out. Perhaps that was so I could meet Mary, I thought. Or perhaps because the Universe knew my Beloved wouldn’t last the distance and arranged that I would be in a position to teach him at a more leisurely pace.  Or both.

I certainly met some lovely people I was glad to connect with. On the first day I had to face my judgmental attitudes towards some who irritated me in various ways. (Luckily I didn’t have to reveal this publicly; it was just a thing I noticed.) By the end of the third day I had shifted a lot.

If the methods I learned were variations on things I’d already come across, still it is good to be reminded of ways of working which I had let slide, and to find out some new approaches within those ways. 

My understanding of the mind-body-spirit connection was deepened.

On the  other hand ...

I have some regrets, too. If I had stayed at home the second and third days, there wouldn’t have been a fall or a lump! I had already received my message from Mary, so that would have made no difference. I already had all the course notes, and could have taught myself.

Spouse had some recurrence of pain in his legs for a short time, but I’ve been doing some of the new techniques with him, and it’s not there now. His legs are very weak though, and he has trouble standing unsupported. He is childlike in some of his thoughts and reactions, but that comes and goes. He has little appetite, which is unusual for him, but he’s not getting much exercise to work up an appetite. I don’t know if the knock on the head has done serious damage. He was already deteriorating in some of these ways in recent weeks. By the time I found out about his lump, it was a bit late anyhow — but I’ll be glad to see our doctor tomorrow. I’ll also be very interested to see how my Beloved is in a few more weeks or months.


There are things I learned which I am using to help my own energy levels, and they’re working amazingly well. I had been feeing so tired and burdened; now I’m not at all. Yet my circumstances haven’t changed. 

P.S. The doctor’s receptionist has just phoned to say he wants to see us this afternoon, which pleases me enormously. Energy works in mysterious ways! (Spouse’s blood sugar’s high, which could explain a thing or two.)