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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Message from Gaia

This is not one that came through me, but it is one I think well worth sharing. The following is an email just received from a close friend whom I know to be very 'tuned in'. I think we must heed it, friends!

was woken at 1.30 in the night with the half moon striking my face, it showed me the grandcross of the knights templar equally across its brightness and also a moonbow (rainbow of light with the 7 colours) surrounding it.
was directed to go to the beach early, an hour walk there and back....
a huge starfish exquisite in its death was lying directly in front of the spot where I access the beach.  I have never seen such a big star, so beautiful in colouring, it had 7 legs...and the message came that the next 7 days are critical for gaia.
we of the lightforce must focus on joy and love to release the duality of pain and distortion from this planet...for me this means just to focus on being me and to not get involved with this incessant need to heal everybody....must release that.

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