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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Storm Busting

As I write we are having a huge thunderstorm straight overhead, and rain is pouring down fit to flood. Only we are too high to flood — but places nearby could well be getting water over the roads.  

I have unplugged the phones and switched off the internet, even though we have surge protectors. They are guaranteed against failure, but we don’t need replacement machines; we need the nice, relatively new ones we’ve got. 

The other thing I have done is put protection over the house. My Beloved Spouse suggested earlier that we should go around telling everyone how to do it — ‘But they’d probably think we were nuts,’ he said. I agreed that they probably would. The readers of this blog, though, might be in different category.

So here’s how you do it. You put a dome of blue light over your house — or any other building or area you wish to protect from storm damage. You visualise and intend very hard! And you have it be there as long as needed — that is, for the duration of the storm. (Make a new one for the next storm that comes along.) 

This was devised by an energy worker called Penny Chesney, who lives not far from me. She is on a high hill overlooking the ocean, vulnerable to wild weather. There have been occasions when fierce storms have damaged places around her, but not her property. I know; I’ve seen the evidence afterwards.

You can do this from afar too, if you’re away and hear that storms are threatening your home. It follows that you can also do it for other people’s places. I’ve done it for friends who were away, and their houses have remained intact. So, of course, have other houses in the area; this is yet another unprovable technique. (Yes, the salt keeps away elephants. You don’t see any elephants here, do you?)

I do it anyway, and it makes me feel more secure. Which in itself puts out good energy around my pace; maybe that’s the answer and not the blue light? Maybe. But you should know that blue light has many magical and healing uses. Be game to try it, set your intention and enjoy the results ... and no, don’t go around telling all and sundry. They’d probably think you were nuts.

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