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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Giving Thanks

From my personal journal:


It is very peaceful here in this back yard, especially after meditating. It's a good place to be on this still and sunny winter's day. The weeds I am allowing begin to flower, purple and pink, with just a touch of white. Some of them are in pots, because the empty pots — empty of plants but full of earth — have invited them. I have even transplanted one thriving specimen into the garden proper, and will do the same for the rest. I can be an old mad lady if I like, lovingly cultivating weeds.

A plane drones over. How often on still afternoons I've heard that sound, in all my homes at all my ages, from the many back yards. I let my mind wander now over those back yards, and I nod off in the midst of the memories and start to have a little dream....

I must find my mosquito coils for these sessions. I have one hovering round. Accept all that comes? Perhaps not quite all, LOL.

Lovely, though, to doze here — and the mozzie seems to have given up and gone away.

A quick circle cast, and I give thanks for the treasured gift of life.

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