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Saturday, August 25, 2012

We Agreed to Communicate via Dragonfly

My beautiful husband is dying. His health has been poor a long time and I have known that he was gradually taking his departure, but he was still very engaged with life. Then he recently suffered a sudden, rapid deterioration and was very ill in hospital for 18 days. Now he is in a very good nursing home with lovely staff and attractive surroundings. He is bedridden but comfortable, and sleeps a lot. He has very little energy, but is aware of who visits him and is always pleased to see them.

The day before he left the hospital, a lovely friend of ours visited, who is very connected to the spirit world. She told him that on her way there she had asked for a message for him.

The message she relayed was that he should arrange with me a sign, so that if he decided to go into another dimension, as she put it, I would know when he was present with me. She said that her daughter (who died young many years ago) sends her butterflies.

'Your sign could be a butterfly, a dragonfly, a flower ...'

After she had gone, I asked what sign he would like to use. He had little energy to ponder the matter, so I suggested a dragonfly. My thought was that, while we do see them in this part of the world, they are not very common. A sign that is something I'm likely to see every day is not sufficiently definite — I could explain it away — but something unusual would work. (Also we both have a connection with dragons.) He liked the idea of using a dragonfly, so that is what we agreed on.

Now, I am a psychic medium, and am often aware of spirits around me. Also, my beloved is an astral traveller. Even though, to his chagrin, he could never bring his travels to consciousness, other people were aware of encountering him on that level. I'm one of them. I have 'met' him when I'm deep in meditation, and I have occasionally seen his image walk through the house when his body was in bed asleep.

I almost said to our friend, 'We don't need a sign; I'll know when he's around.'

But then, I thought that if it was a message she got for him, we should take notice. Perhaps he himself needed to be assured there was a way to communicate 'afterwards'. And it's a sweet notion. I equate it with waving to me, or saying a quick hello — though perhaps it could also be a way of getting my attention for a longer message.

I share this idea for others who may care to use it if they have a need.

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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Solitary Imbolc

The moon is bright
and nearly full,
almost directly overhead
when I go out late
to make ritual for Imbolc,
for the coming of Spring.

More and more
my small back yard
becomes a sacred space:
place of daily meditations
and communing with Nature.
The energy gathers and builds.

I cast my circle simply,
with my right forefinger.
Deosil (sunwise)
is anti-clockwise here.

I bow as I name the directions
then open my arms
to call down the light of the moon.
I feel her enter and fill me.

I have some prayers,
I have some praises,
I have some thanks to give.
All this is quietly done.

Then it is time
to open the circle
and free all spirits
which may have been trapped
inadvertently or otherwise,
bidding them go in peace.

I step inside my door