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Monday, September 10, 2012


My husband, Andrew, died a week ago on September 3rd — as you will know if you also read my 'Shifting Fog', 'Passionate Crone' or 'Stones for the River' blogs.  

Life had become very difficult for him, with pain and physical limitations. Now he is exploring his new freedom. Various people have reported 'seeing' him, feeling his presence, and/or receiving messages. 

One friend, hearing of this, said doubtfully,

'But I don't think he's trapped on this plane.'

'Oh no,' I said,  'I think he's flying free.'

I explained that, in my work as a psychic medium, I have learned that spirits can be in many places simultaneously, and that the dead are only a thought away.

I have been jokingly saying that personally I haven't allowed him to get a word in edgeways yet, because I keep talking to him all the time, often out loud. But tonight I saw him.

I was nodding off in front of the TV. I roused myself, opened my eyes and saw his disembodied face floating in the air somewhat above and to the right of me, with a kindly, concerned look like the one he used to have when he was alive and would wake me from falling asleep in front of the telly. The image was paler than he was in life, and it vanished almost immediately.

After a moment of surprise, I just said, 'Oh.' Because of course I have known he was around; only I didn't expect to see him physically. I'm much more clairsentient and clairaudient than I am clairvoyant — though I do see things occasionally.

I have had other, similar experiences. In a meditation group I belonged to, the host had an old cat which liked to sit on his lap during the meditations. The cat eventually died. One night as I was coming out of meditation, I opened my eyes and saw the cat sitting on the coffee table. It vanished at once. I told the group, and the host said other people and reported seeing it too, and that it looked to them larger and paler than it had been in life. That was my experience also.

When Andrew and I were staying with the family of a deceased friend back in 2003, one morning he got up before me. I woke to see him walking in the door of the bedroom we were using, with the deceased friend following right behind — kinda dim and shadowy, but absolutely recognisable. When I looked at him, he vanished.

But in those instances I saw the whole body, not just the face. In the case of Andrew just now, it seemed as if he was looking through from another dimension.

I did once see another disembodied head. That must have been back in 1993. As I opened my eyes after a nap, I saw a woman's face on the far wall, staring at me. She was a stranger to me. The image was very clear and vivid. When she saw me staring back at her, she disappeared. 

It's almost as if we're not supposed to see these apparitions, but may sometimes catch them unawares.