Birthdays are good for you. The more you have, the longer you live.

Monday, December 31, 2012

No Treasure Map This Year

Most years, Andrew and I created treasure maps — what some people now call vision boards, since they were popularised on The Secret.  We were both doing them before we met each other, so it was natural to continue. Every year around this time, and sometimes mid-year as well, we would create a big one for both of us. We'd each list beforehand what we wanted to attain, and mostly they'd be a perfect match, so we'd set about finding pictures to illustrate them. We'd add any individual aspirations as well. Sometimes we did small, independent treasure maps for specific goals, but mostly we loved our big, combined ones. (If this idea is new to you and you'd like to know in detail how to do it, here's a link to my blog post with instructions.) 

The one I made on our behalf last year (because he could no longer manage the physical input) is now folded up in a cupboard, waiting to be ceremonially burned. We achieved most of what is on it. The few projects that we didn't complete, we at least began; now that they are set in motion I can carry them to fulfilment. The circumstances in which we achieved some of them were not foreseeable at the time, which is surely a good thing. For instance, all his children did get here from interstate to visit him — but it was because he was dying. (Never mind, he enjoyed seeing them, and they were glad they made it.) 

The recent Solstice was a busy one for me. I wrote some new poems and put the final touches to two new columns for Poets United. I participated in raising energy for the planet — by myself, but connecting etherically with many others. And it was the xmas break-up of our writers' group, WordsFlow. In the evening I stayed up late to watch the third of the 'Lord of the Rings' trilogy, which I have been seeing all over again on TV these last three weeks. And finally, after midnight, I did my ritual. 

I went outside to my usual ritual place, my enclosed back yard which is like a courtyard, set up a circle of stones, and made connection with the Pleiades and with a particular group of people around the world who were doing the same. I committed myself anew to the service of the Universe. By the time I came inside, I decided it was too late to make a treasure map. I got out my big piece of shiny silver cardboard, but left it ready and went to bed.

In the morning, I re-thought it. I am newly alone, exploring what it is to be with myself. And I have vowed service to the Universe. Instead of going ahead to state all sorts of goals and requests, and create a visual representation of them, I decided to let the Universe send what it will, to be open to whatever comes, to explore and observe rather than preempt.