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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

I Can So Too Manifest What I Want!

'Talk to me in six months,' said my esoterically-minded friend who jokingly calls himself The Wizard — not in a magickal or Pagan sense, but because he is good at manifestation. He was pleased at the way I'm developing. 

'Talk to me in six months when you've got over your fear of money. Then you'll be able to manifest whatever you want. You won't even have to work at it; it'll just happen.'

I didn't have the heart to tell him that's already the case now. Also I didn't want to debate the issue of whether or not I'm afraid of money, nor try to explain that my material needs and desires are few and simple. On that level, I actually have all I could ask for. If there's something I decide I could use, it turns up. Sometimes the Universe even decides for me, and presents me with something vital which I didn't even know I wanted or needed.

I did know I would like a little coffee table for my sitting spot on the tiny front porch. I sometimes call it a balcony, when I'm feeling generous, but never a veranda — it's far too small. I was resigned to the fact that I'd never find a coffee table that would fit there. For one thing, I'd have to find another home for my jade bush. It's supposed to be by the door of a home, to bring good luck, so I wouldn't contemplate moving it. (I've already got another by the back door.)

Today I had to drive around the block before I scored a parking spot convenient for an appointment. I ended up right outside the Palliative Care opp shop and I had time to spare, so I stopped for a look. The first thing I saw was this smart little glass-topped side table for only $5. I knew I had to have it. It was only later that it dawned on me it was perfect for the front porch. 

And so it is. Here I am, sitting on my chair, my coffee on the side table and my jade bush in the corner of the railings, about where it always was, just a little further in. I feel very pleased with myself.

Not only that, but I also found a card table which I can use for the market, for $7. I was going to take the large, sturdy one I used to use, which is now my outdoor writing table in the back yard, but the one I found today is a simple, standard old wooden card table, much lighter to carry. Again I'm very chuffed. I don't want to be carting anything heavy, and I don't want to have to dismantle my back yard writing area, even temporarily.

This spot out the front is now a writing area too, even though the iPad is on my lap. To have a coffee table beside me makes it perfect!

People who didn't know me pre-Andrew (such as my friend The Wizard) don't realise that I have experienced being well-to-do — if not fabulously wealthy, I was at least very comfortable indeed as a young woman. My stepfather was affluent, with a lifestyle to match, and later my second husband earned a big income as an abalone diver. I've had the big houses, the in-ground swimming pool, the lavish parties, dinners in the best restaurants, designer clothes, overseas holidays.... It was all fun, and I treasure the travel in particular (some of which I actually did with Andrew, on my inheritance from my Mum) but my primary focus has always been on emotional and spiritual fulfilment. In fact I enjoy the simple life.

Of course, I live in Australia. My simple life includes a roof over my head, three meals a day, clothes for all weathers and occasions, excellent and affordable medical treatment, a car, a TV, two computers, an iPad and an iPhone, lots of books, a garden, two cats and their veterinary treatments, easy access to art galleries, libraries and cinemas, precious stones in my jewel box if I wish to wear them, and the choice of whether to grow or buy my food. That's quite a lot, isn't it? I don't feel a lack of any further luxuries. 

In the past I have had some bad experiences involving large sums of money, so it may well be true that I'm afraid of money, or of having large amounts of it. Andrew certainly thought I was — but that was mainly when I refused to let him succumb to Internet scams! Sanity would re-assert itself later and he'd acknowledge that I'd saved us from getting expensively conned.

What would I do with all this money my friend thinks I should be manifesting? I'd have to move out of my lovely unit, perfectly located for my needs and pleasures. My neighbours are good, my cats are happy, I have beautiful views and peaceful surroundings, considerable comfort and convenience, and very cheap rent. If ever I want a swim in the hot weather, my neighbour down the hill says I can use her pool any time. If I want to go on holiday, my neighbour in the unit behind me will look after the cats. If the sea level rises as predicted, I'm high enough up that it won't affect me. And to tell the truth, I find the Housing Department an excellent landlord. Why would I want to change? And why would I want to put me and the cats through all the stress of another move?

No, I am not into manifesting large sums of money, but I find that the things I need and want always come to me, and I don't have to do anything special to bring this about.

When we moved here I brought pots of pink geraniums which have accompanied me from house to house since a friend gave me some cuttings in about 1998, and replanted them in a garden bed I created in front of the house. I love geraniums! They are a link to my Dad, who loved them too, and to my childhood, when we always had them growing. They have flourished here and I now have a huge bush in front of the house. But the ones I love best, as my Dad did, are red geraniums, so I have always wanted some of them as well as the pink. I was able to get some deep pinky-red cuttings from a friend, not quite the pillar-box red I wanted, but at least red, and they are doing OK around the side of the house. But today I realised — my pink geraniums have somehow morphed into pillar-box red; they have really.

There may be some excellent scientific explanation for this — something to do with the soil perhaps, or the weather. The fact remains that until now they have been pink in six different homes widely separated, including this one for the last three years ... and now they are red. I wanted them to be red, and now they are. Don't tell me I can't manifest what I want! 

I wanted red geraniums, and various other items which I now have. It is hard for many people to understand that I don't particularly want lots of money. In our society we are brought up to think that we should want that, to believe that wanting it is natural and normal; and it seems that most people do want it. Yes, I want money too — as much as I need. And as I said, my needs are few.

Note:  As well as wanting, which sets up an energy if it's intense enough, I did do something to help bring about the red geraniums. By planting the other, deeper red geraniums, and also by talking about it to other people, I sent a message to the Universe. I didn't do so with the idea of turning my pink geraniums red, but I do know the Universe responds to clear signals and a bit of pro-activity. 

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