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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Everything You Need Is Within 30 Feet of You

(Or approx. 9 metres).

So I was taught years ago by a spiritual teacher..

Here I am, down with a heavy cold. It was a light cold last week and I thought I'd shake it off quickly. Two days ago, with it taking a turn for the worse, I ran out of cold tablets and paracetsmol, and I had no cough drops. I was also low on funds and didn't feel like going out to the shops anyway. The pharmacy would have delivered and put stuff on account, but I remembered the advice and looked around.

9 metres is quite a wide range really. For some people, they might find what they need growing in their garden, or in a neighbour's. I didn't even have to go that far. In my kitchen I found garlic, honey, both lemon juice and green tea with lemon, Vitamin C, multi-vitamins, olive leaf extract, and aspirin. I also realised that other useful items within reach included water, my bed, the telephone, and my Reiki hands. A friend later reminded me that gargling with salt water is good for a sore throat. I have salt too. So far I haven't run out of tissues, and I probably won't - but if I do, I've got plenty of toilet paper.

I am seeing the doctor tomorrow. Meanwhile I found lots of stuff I could use, all well within 30 feet of me.

Is there something mystical about this? I suspect it's more that once we start looking around with fresh eyes, open to the possibility, we realise what we have that we could put to use. Whatever, it's not the first time it's worked for me. It's a handy rule to remember.