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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Living a Magickal Life

A friend on facebook said that she had let her practice of witchcraft lapse somewhat, and asked advice from others about how to reconnect. I particularly loved and agreed with this beautiful answer, which I am posting with the permission of the writer. I think it makes important points which I want to share with my readers, and I couldn't have put them better. 

For me having a magical life is not all about doing spells, Full Moon rituals and herb lore. It's about living this stuff every day. It's about walks in nature where you really see and connect with what is all around you (trees, faeries, animals, insects and more). It's about consciously working towards those things you want to manifest into the physical, whether that's through vision boards, spells, affirmations, etc., and then being open enough to notice the signs that help direct us on our path. It's about taking time to whisper to the Moon (or deity) your hopes, greatest secrets and thoughts for amplification, healing or releasement. People think it's over-complicated and hard to live a magical life and they must need a road map on how to do it, but honey it's just starting to incorporate the simplest of things into our over-stuffed busy lives. You can start with any of these things.

— Amanda Godfrey

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