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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Spring Equinox — Not Going as Planned

I was to attend an Equinox celebration today, hosted by the local Goddess Circle at the Castle, Uki. I dressed up in my purple Goddess gown and my wonderful Spring cloak that my friend Dinah made — and the car wouldn't start. 

'Flat battery,' I thought, though could not find anything I'd left switched on which might account for it. I knew that by the time I waited for the NRMA man to arrive and do his thing, and by the time I took the car for a long drive afterwards to recharge, I'd be far too late for the start of the celebrations. It would not be appropriate to burst in late. I changed out of my finery, not wishing to startle the NRMA man.

Not a flat battery as it turned out, but starter motor. It might be a one-off, he said, but told me anyway how to get it started if it happens again, in which case I should also take it to my mechanic. He still recommended I take it for a half hour drive 'to get everything charged up'. It was already too late to go to the Castle.

I had a lovely drive through trees out to pretty Crystal Creek, then back to town via the winding Numinbah Road, with fewer trees and more paddocks but still very scenic. 

I phoned my friend Mara when I got back home. 'Would you like to have lunch at Rainforest Cafe?' But she was expecting visitors. Clearly the Universe wants me to observe the Equinox in a quiet and solitary manner.

I am dozing now, over my screen, even though I meditated before starting to write. Maybe I just need a rest. Perhaps at this time I need it more than a whole day of dancing and chanting.

When I was waiting for the NRMA man, I had time to water my garden, which is best done early on these very warm days. I was going to have to leave it, to get to the Castle in time.  Tut, tut! Shame on me — dancing for the Goddess does not outweigh caring for one's plants. 

I have recently had two different conversations with other witches, in which they said they felt they were better witches, more in touch with the intuitive side of it, before they did a lot of reading and study. I think there's something in that. The academic side of things is interesting, but is not the core. Simple acts like watering the garden, sweeping a spider outside (gently) instead of killing it, lighting a candle for someone who is ill, going outside to gaze at the full moon -- these are the essence of witchcraft, aren't they? ... this simple yet powerful, earth-based practice.

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