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Sunday, December 7, 2014


A spell to calm stress:

From "Awakening Osiris: The Egyptian Book of the Dead"
by Normandi Ellis.

Close your eyes and envision yourself wrapped in warm light. Then speak these words either aloud or silently:

"I am air and flame, water and dust.
I am a wick burning in a blue bowl of oil;
a fiery sun rising in a tranquil sky.
I am the phoenix. I am light. I come forth by day.
I am power, an ancient river overflowing
I am love and memory and sorrow that fade away."

Isn't that beautiful? I hand it out to my students and clients if ever they seem to need it.

It does work to calm stress; why, I don't properly understand. (But then, I don't properly understand electricity either.)

I encountered it on its own — so long ago that I now forget where. Some day I must get and read the book it came from. If it's all as good as this....

It came to mind just now because a friend was wondering what constituted her self, that inner self that looks out of her eyes, that something behind or beyond all the labels she might give herself. 

Her conclusion? 

Soul? Essence? Star stuff? Those are the only answers I can give.

Good answers, I thought, and the only ones any of us can give. Then I remembered this spell, re-read it, and thought again, as I have many times, that it says very well what we are. 

Perhaps that is why it is calming — perhaps it puts us in touch with ourselves, so that for a moment one touches one's core, one's bedrock, one's eternal truth. 


  1. Speaking to regain our power while allowing calm to enter as well. We lose our calm during times of stress, I think, and need to renew. Actually we need to renew continuously.

    How did you know I needed a spell today?

    Thanks for coming by for a visit.