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Thursday, April 30, 2015


It’s wet out – very light, drizzly, nonstop rain. Levi is having a quiet day inside on some cushions. I too am having a quiet day, in dressing-gown and slippers, to shake off the last of the flu.  

But I had to put the bins out on the street. As I did that just now, taking the recycle bin from its possie by the fence, when I turned to move it to the street I saw over my shoulder a familiar cat shape pacing down the driveway towards me.

I thought that was awfully quick for Levi to have gone to his cat door, and then come all the way around the house ... hang on, it wasn’t a black cat but a grey one.

When I turned back to go fetch the other bin, there was no cat to be seen. Levi, of course, was still on his cushions when I came back inside.

It’s a mixture of sad and sweet to know that my precious girl, Freya, who died last September, still comes visiting now and then.

Oh of course — it's Samhain! (When the veil between the worlds thins and we may see our dearly departed.)

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