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Monday, July 20, 2015


A friend emailed me a question:

When a loved one passes and we believe we can talk to them or it may be just how we honour their life, but if they reincarnate, what should we do then?    Just stop talking to them? 

I thought my answer/s might be of wider interest:

You are confusing soul and personality. The soul is much bigger than the person you meet in life (who is an aspect of that soul). 

You can continue talking to the soul, and in the aspect to which you related during your present life. 

The reincarnated being is a different aspect, or focus, of the soul, pushing itself out into this physical reality. It is not personalities which reincarnate. But because they are part of the same soul, they can access memories of other incarnated personalities of that soul; and this often causes people to believe and speak as if it is the same personality which reincarnates over and over. 

However the soul is always present in every aspect of itself, so you are still talking to the truth of that person — and the soul also has all the memories and feelings of their interaction with you in this lifetime. 

That was my initial reply to my friend; then I had further thoughts:

This leaves aside the question of how you would know they had reincarnated anyway! Perhaps you get a strong feeling that a new family member is the deceased person returned?

I think it’s important to relate to the new personality as the new. I have many indications that my cat Levi is the reincarnation of my wonderful dog, Flint. However, it wouldn’t be much use to Levi to try and relate to him in exactly the same way as I did to the Flint incarnation. He’s a cat now, which is a far more practical way for him to be with me in my present circumstances; and his needs are those of a feline. Also his personality is not quite identical — naturally enough.

You must work it out for yourself. I just naturally (without even thinking about it) stopped talking to Flint at about the time Levi must have been born, though I did not know of his existence until seven months later when he came to be mine.

When I talk to Levi telepathically, I do sometimes acknowledge in passing that he used to be my beloved dog. In those moments I am perhaps talking to the soul. However, I mostly talk to Levi’s inner being or Higher Self, which is not quite the same thing, being to do with this current self.

In the case of [my late husband] Andrew, I happen to know that he has entered into his angelic being (his true soul origin, as he was an incarnated angel or earth-angel as we call them). So in his case, I still chat away happily to the personality I remember, knowing that he is in some part still that person while simultaneously being an angel.

When love has connected us with other beings, that connection  — even if it is no longer conscious — cannot be broken.


  1. Do you speak with individuals and help them contact those who have passed?

    1. Yes, Gail, I do. But I am in Australia, and Skype doesn't work well in the area where I live, so it would be difficult to do that for you, I'm sorry. (If that is what's behind your question.)

  2. I hope what you say is true, about connections being unbroken....I know it is true for me.


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