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Saturday, November 5, 2016

Ermyntrude on Writing Poetry

My guide, Ermyntrude, is of the angelic realm. She gave me that name to use for her when she perceived I would be happier with a female energy and that I had an old fancy for that name, for its quirkiness and its music. (She gave it that particular spelling, too, with the 'y', which I think is unique.)

I asked her today, 'How can I make my poetry move the world?' 

She told me to become a bigger vessel, a deeper well, to take in everything I experience of the world – without taking it personally, and without judgment. 'Then,' she said, 'let it overflow and pour out of you,'

She also told me to keep my purity strong. I don't think of myself as a particularly pure person, on the personality level, but she explained that she was talking about my God-self: that light within, that core. 

She said the well she was talking about is not really me; rather, I own the well. She said that I should infuse with my light all the stuff I will be putting into it. (Stuff that I'll encounter, which – as outlined above – I need to accept rather than resist.)

Now, there's an answer to ponder! I suspect it might apply to all the creative arts.

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