Birthdays are good for you. The more you have, the longer you live.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016


·       Know that you are on a mission – an assignment
·       Destination and current address – Planet Earth
·       Know that Divine Will - the Mother / Father Creator God is your Source and Home Base
·       Contact to Source is made telepathically in the silence within
·       Know that it is Divine Will's responsibility to take care of all your physical needs while you are on assignment
·       TRUST that it is done
·       Focus no longer on “survival issues” but purely on your assignment and being in complete service to Divine Will 100%
·       Instructions and directions are given on a moment to moment basis so the essence of Spirit can be expressed purely, in full integrity, free from pollution of the energy of the planet, so - keep your channel open at all times by Being in the moment
·       Maintain clarity of intention and integrity as ALL is manifested purely by THOUGHT
·       All you require will be magnetised to you
·       Stay tuned and connected to the energy of the Mother Father Creator God as it flows through you
·       Remember, you are the “ground crew” to a Greater Plan!

I don't know the author of this, which a friend sent me – but it sure resonates with me.

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