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Friday, September 24, 2021

Spring Equinox (Ostara) Reading for Myself, September 2021

(using Everyday Witch Tarot)

What do I need to leave behind now?

1. Three of Wands.
(Wands is the suit of the spirit.)
Yes, I have had to let go of the plan to meet with my sisters in the Goddess circle, in joyous celebration. The Pandemic and consequent restrictions on our movements have prevented it in recent months – and just when we thought we'd finally manage it for Equinox, there was a sudden new lockdown in this area, which vetoed the crucial date. Ah, well.

2. Knight of Swords.
(Swords is the suit of the mind.)  
Perhaps it is my own combative thinking I need to leave behind? The Pandemic is very divisive; I strive to remain aware that even the conspiracy theorists are motivated by wanting the wellbeing of us all – they just have a different view of how to achieve that. And those who are losing wages because of lockdowns, and wondering how to keep feeding their families, may have an understandably different view of what our wellbeing even consists of.  Arguing and name-calling is not going to help; it only keeps people entrenched in their opinions.
Or might this card represent someone else who is trying to browbeat me? No-one comes to mind.
Sometimes – in other decks – I see Knight of Swords as a rescuer. Although the image in this deck doesn't suggest that so much, it is one possible meaning according to the accompanying book. But if, this time, he represents something I need to leave behind, perhaps it is time to take responsibility for my own thoughts? Or time to stop mentoring and counselling others, even if they ask for it?
The first interpretation seems to fit best: I must guard against being argumentative and righteous.

3. Four of Pentacles.
(Pentacles is the suit of money and the physical/material world.)
On the face of it, time to stop hoarding money. Except I've never done that. I've seldom had enough to hoard, and in any case am no good at saving. But hoarding treasure, that might fit – my material wealth in the form of things. I am certainly going through a massive decluttering exercise right now.
'Keep at it,' the card seems to say; 'Don't weaken. Don't revert to old ways. Cherish your memories, and stop hanging on to the things which remind you of them but are not them.' Also it could well be saying, 'What good are all those boxes of stuff filling up the garage? Give the contents to those who could use them now.' 
The cat in the card reminds me that although I haven't stopped loving the cats I used to have, it's been a great blessing to move on to a dear new companion. I mustn't get stuck in the past but enjoy life now.

What am I bringing in?

1. Eight of Cups.
(Cups is the suit of the emotions.) 
Although I have an abundance of emotionally fulfilling things in my life, the card shows me turning away from them to begin a journey towards something new (not abandoning what I have so much as seeking something additional to bring back to my store). And indeed, I have very recently committed to some new work that excites me.
The message of this card is that one should go on the new quest. It's nice to have this confirmation.

(A Major Arcana card, a messenger of Fate.)
This card says that there will be an apparent disaster, a catastrophe – but it will be a blessing in disguise, breaking down rigid structures and bringing in good new energy. I think and hope this is already coming in; that it refers to the mould problem in my unit which seriously compromised my health and could have killed me, but has been addressed. Already my respiratory problems have abated significantly. The addressing did involve breaking down some rigid structures, including removing old flooring which was much harder to dislodge than the workmen expected.
Now I am in the process of restoring my home to order, Spring-cleaning and decluttering as I go. Some furniture and curtains etc. have been replaced, my big crystal collection has been washed and recharged, and altogether the place is looking very different, to the extent that it is acquiring a whole new energy.

(Another Major Arcana card.)
I love this card. It means hope, optimism, the light at the end of the tunnel.... It is about getting rid of old, worn energy and bringing in the new and healing, namely the energy of Unconditional Love.
I look at the image on this card,  and am reminded of The Magician: 'As Above, so Below' – seeming to suggest that I am going to be even more actively magical in the time ahead. 
Above all, I look at it and see clearly the Light Worker I am more and more becoming. A pretty good way, I reckon, to spend my Senior years!

There might be more answers to each of these questions, but I set my intention at the outset to pull three cards for each, so these will be the most relevant and important answers. (And they do seem to cover the ground pretty thoroughly.)


  1. Fabulous reading, Rosemary.
    May all good things come to pass and all adversarial ones have minimal effect.
    Be well, safe and happy


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